SAFEKEEP Saturday - DAILY Wellbeing

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SAFE-KEEP Saturday 1

It is important to be able to ask for what we want/need with kindness and firmness, to respect who we are and how we function best.

Assertiveness Skill 1:
How to assert ourselves without becoming a bully or a victim.

A short video on how Michaela had to use Assertiveness Skill 1 to keep safe when Shopping
SAFE-KEEP Saturday 2

How not to get side-tracked by criticism, yet considering it in our own time.

Assertiveness Skill 2:
Agree & Divert
SAFE-KEEP Saturday 3

How to Ask for something in a closer Relationship supported by the Character Strength of Fairness, that we all deserve to be heard.

Assertiveness Skill 3:
Reveal & Invite
SAFE-KEEP Saturday 4

Character Strength of Perspective, keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Includes 2.5-minute Boundaries Meditation based on the Wellbeing Skills Programme.
SAFE-KEEP Saturday 5

Character Strength of Prudence, thinking before we act, minding our mental and physical health. Includes short Boundaries Meditation.
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