WELL-WISHING Wednesday - DAILY Wellbeing

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WELL-WISHING Wednesday 1

Incredible well-being can be accessed through sending ourselves and others good wishes.

Why not try this short explanation and meditation of something that has changed many people's lives for the better?
WELL-WISHING Wednesday 2

As promised I am sharing with you a more extentive loving-kindness meditation.
There is evidence that when enough people meditate, crime goes down and a more peaceful atmosphere reigns all around.
WELL-WISHING Wednesday 3

Combining Well-wishing with today's Character Strength of Humour & Playfulness. Includes 2-minutes Loving-Kindness Meditation.
WELL-WISHING Wednesday 4

How the Character Strength of OPEN-MINDEDNESS helps us to investigate opposing opinions and accessing wisdom in our decision making and relationships.
WELL-WISHING Wednesday 5

How the Character Strength of TEAMWORKER helps us support a group goal and group members. Includes a short well-wishing meditation.
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