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TURN Tuesday

TURN Tuesday 1
is an opportunity to exchange a negative, discouraging pessimistic attitude into an optimistic point of view that enables us to learn and to enjoy life better.

It is based on CBT, a well-recognised therapy. To help us get off that negativity treadmill.
The TURN process:
Tell your Story -
Understand why things are bad -
Result - of my current thinking?
NEW healthy, encouraging thoughts

The image shows the negativity (red area) and positivity (green area) brain management centres.

TURN Tuesday 2

De-catatrophising. Changing our exaggerated language to a more encouraging and optimistic language.
TURN Tuesday 3

How the Character Strength of Curiosity can help us explore another side of a sad or bad experience.
TURN Tuesday 4

How the Character Strength of Perseverance is linked to courage because we have to overcome obstables and discouragement in the process. Self-kindness helps us to pace ourselves.
TURN Tuesday 5

TURN to optimism by using the Character Strength of Bravery when feeling low or discouraged. Short meditation included.
TURN Tuesday 6

TURN to optimism by using the Character Strength of Loving to Learn, deepening your knowledge and improving your skills which will open new doors for you. The last video in the series for the moment. An online course in Wellbeing and Happiness Skills is in the works. Thank you for participating in these videos.
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