SUBLIME Sunday - DAILY Wellbeing

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SUBLIME Sunday 1

For the Spiritual-minded. Keeping one day a week (doesn't have to be Sunday) special for connecting with Nature, Ourselves and the Bigger Universe.
SUBLIME Sunday 2

Introducing the 24 Character Strengths admired worldwide. Focusing on the Spirituality Strength which can lead to wellbeing but also can go wrong and lead to mental problems.
SUBLIME Sunday 3

Focusing on the Character Strength of HOPE, setting realistic and optimistic goals, as people with goals experience greater happiness and wellbeing.
SUBLIME Sunday 4

Focusing on the Character Strength of APPRECIATION OF BEAUTY & EXCELLENCE, an emotial tune-in to the beauty, talents and kindness in others. Includes short self-kindness meditation.
SUBLIME Sunday 5

Focusing on the Character Strength of FORGIVENESS and how it often is tied in with the Grieving Process which needs to be successfully negotiated living through various emotional experiences.
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