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THANKFUL Thursday 1

Appreciation can contribute to 25% of our Happiness.

This video offers a technique which helps us built a store of good memories, a buffer against adversity and trouble.
THANKFUL Thursday 2

Treat yourself to a short gratitude dance with Matt Harding who while travelling the world got his girlfriend to film him doing a little gratitude dance. He then got funded to travel to many more countries and invited locals to join in.
THANKFUL Thursday 3

Looking further into the Character Strength of Gratitude and the benefit of writing a Gratitude Letter
THANKFUL Thursday 4

Looking into the Character Strength of Enthusiasm, having energy and passion for something. Included a 3-minute guided meditation.
THANKFUL Thursday 5

Looking into the Character Strength of Honesty, how it takes courage to take responsibility and be authentic. Includes short Gratitude Meditation.
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